What we offer developers – a full package of assistance in the field of an external sales office. What will we do for you? We will conduct a reliable SWOT analysis and project analysis in terms of adaptation to the target group to whom we will offer the product. We will elaborate strategic issues such as marketing mix, strategic sales and marketing assumptions. We will provide sales and after-sales service on the entrusted project.  We analyze and react on an ongoing basis – the market is never the same, what works with one product does not work with another.

Flexibility is our hallmark

We guarantee an increase in the level of sales, both in terms of quantity and quality, and optimization of marketing costs.

We work exclusively on the basis of a “success fee”


Investments completed

Apartamenty Zdrowie

Apartments Zdrowie (Health)

As an external sales office, we sold 50% of the apartments in 12 months - the same number of apartments was sold by our predecessors during 3.5 years.


The creator of Harmonic Homes, managing the sales and marketing team, contributed to increasing the sales level from 300% to 500% per month.

Osiedle Natura

Residential estate Natura

Managing a young team is always a challenge - the more successful it is to sell 27 apartments in one month, compared to a few units per month.

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